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People all over the world rely on it to wake up, yet many of the 25 million small-holder coffee farmers who depend on it for their livelihoods struggle to survive.


A cup of tea is a daily ritual in the lives of millions throughout the world – and millions depend on it for their livelihood.

Fairtrade in the Pacific

Australia and New Zealand have a historic bond with neighbouring Small Island Developing States, sharing the common interest of a peaceful and prosperous region.

Gender equality

Women in developing countries face many challenges - and gender inequality is a contributing factor to most of them. Fairtrade is working to counter the traditional gender roles that exclude women so everyone has a brighter future! 


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Policies, Reports and Standards

Check out Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand's Annual Reports, Policies and relevant Standards here.

Become a Fairtrade supporting workplace

By offering Fairtrade products in your workplace, you can have a profound impact on the lives of farmers and workers around the world.  A simple change to a Fairtrade product can mean your morning cup of tea or coffee creates real benefit for farmers and their families. By supporting Fairtrade, your workplace demonstrates to both your customers and team that you support an environmentally responsible and socially just world. What you can expect when your workplace registers: - Materials to promote the commitment to your community and stakeholders - Resources to support CSR reports - Information about the impact of Fairtrade - The opportunity to join global Fairtrade events and promotions

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