Fairtrade partners with The New Joneses

The New Joneses

Fairtrade is excited to partner with The New Joneses, an award winning pop-up house exploring ways to lead a fair and sustainable life. This year’s feature installation, a tiny house, will be at Federation Square from 11 – 25 February as part of the Sustainable Living Festival. 

Demonstrating stylish lifestyle choices for a big life with a little footprint, The New Joneses is an innovative concept highlighting the everyday choices we all can make for a healthier planet with happier people.  Featured in the tiny house are a range of Fairtrade products perfect for any home – big or small. 

A highlight of the project is the Fairtrade Weekend Market to be held at Federation Square on 11 and 12 February.  You can you tour the house and sample or buy Fairtrade goodies. Plus you’ll have a chance to win a hamper packed full of fair and delicious treats. Not only do these products taste good, they do good! Stop by to learn how Fairtrade is helping farmers in developing countries improve their lives, and embrace your inner foodie at the same time.

Joining Fairtrade in this project are partners: Alter Eco, Clipper Tea and Grinders Coffee.

Alter Eco

Alter Eco

Nourishing foodie, farmer and field. Alter Eco is based on the premise that food is fundamental to life – and whole, healthy and delicious food can make life better for people all over the world. Their mission is global transformation through ethical relationships with small-scale farmers, and integral sustainability orientation at every point on the supply chain.


Clipper Tea

At Clipper Tea, they believe that every cup of tea should be special. This coupled with their mantra, ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’, led them to focus obsessively on what’s inside the bag. The result? A range of teas that are brighter, bolder and better-tasting. However taste alone wasn’t enough. They saw it as their duty to improve the lives of the workers on the tea estates and so they became Fairtrade certified.


Grinders Coffee

Grinders Coffee House was established in 1962 in Lygon St, Melbourne, and has built its reputation on roasting and delivering the freshest coffee flavours, daily. Grinder’s Fairtrade blends are sourced ethically from farms around the world, helping to create a better world for farmer’s in developing countries. 

To learn more about how you can live a more fair and sustainable life, be sure to stop by or simply visit The New Joneses website.