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  • Maria Rivera El Salvador
    19 Feb 2017

    Blog: Empowering women in rural communities

    Across the globe, nowhere are the overwhelming effects of gender inequality felt more than in developing nations, where women often struggle to access work opportunities, have independent control of their finances and make their voices heard.


    International Women’s Day on March 8 is a global celebration of the strength and determination women bring to the stage, especially in rural communities. This year, the United Nations is calling on everyone to #BeBoldForChange in the face of inequality, to close the gender gap once and for all.


    In the lead-up to the event, we’re recognising these inspiring women by sharing their stories. Here, María Edy Rivera, Fairtrade coffee farmer and cooperative board member in El Salvador writes about female empowerment in a male-dominated culture.

  • Fairtrade coffee
    14 Feb 2017

    Blog: How everyday actions in the workplace can make for a fairer world

    Ever wondered the impact of your morning cuppa at work?

  • New Joneses
    07 Feb 2017

    Fairtrade partners with The New Joneses

    Fairtrade is excited to partner with The New Joneses, an award winning pop-up house exploring ways to lead a fair and sustainable life. This year’s feature installation, a tiny house, will be at Federation Square from 11 – 25 February as part of the Sustainable Living Festival. 

  • Makaibari Tea Estate
    11 Jan 2017

    Giving Producers a Voice: The Fairtrade Difference

    The Fairtrade difference is that we aim to provide every producer with a voice, empowering them to influence everything from setting a fair price for commodities to how their Fairtrade Premium is invested in their communities. While many certifiers don’t involve producers, we ensure everyone gets a vote, to sow the seeds for change that truly matters.  

  • Annual Report 2016
    18 Dec 2016


    Australians and New Zealanders ate almost 45 fully-laden Boeing 787 planes worth of Fairtrade chocolate last year, and washed it down with 37 Olympic swimming pools worth of Fairtrade coffee.

    Figures released today show that in 2015 Australians and New Zealanders spent $AU352m on Fairtrade certified products from a range of more than 3000. The purchases were made from the 192 licensees and traders in Australia, and 54 in New Zealand.

  • Sugarcane farmers at a Fairtrade workshop
    22 Nov 2016

    Fairtrade Pacific Stakeholders workshop

    More than 114 sugarcane growers learned about gender equality, child protection and good governance at the sixth annual Fairtrade Pacific Stakeholders Workshop.

  • Cocoa farmer Beatrice Boakye looks at her yield
    18 Nov 2016

    Fairtrade and Cocoa Life partnership gives farmers sweet taste of success

    Fairtrade and Cocoa Life – Cadbury’s sustainable cocoa-sourcing program – have embarked on an expanded partnership after seven years working together to improve the lives of cocoa farmers.

  • CEO preview image
    15 Nov 2016

    CEO BLog There are Lives in the Balance in a Warming World

    As countries wrap up their meeting in Marrakech to decide on the next steps on climate change, Molly Harriss Olson, CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand looks at what’s at stake for the millions whose livelihood depend on sustainable coffee.

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