Other Fairtrade Products

Fairtrade is probably best known for coffee, tea and chocolate, but our product range is much bigger than that!

From sports balls to cosmetics, ice cream to alcohol, there's a way to introduce Fairtrade products to every shopping expedition so even more farmers and workers can benefit from Fairtrade. 

Sports Balls

Sports are a big part of Australian culture. Be it rugby, AFL, netball or soccer, most of us grew up playing and watching sport. Yet there are nowhere near as many eyeballs on where and how these balls are made as there are on the games in which they're used.

The majority of sports balls are carefully hand-stitched in countries like Pakistan and India. Often the workers have to toil for long hours in unsafe work environments, and women and children make up a large part of this hidden, voiceless workforce.

Where do I buy Fairtrade sports balls?

 rrepp sports balls

Rrepp’s signature range of sports balls, made up of soccer, futsal, netball, rugby union, touch football and rugby league, are all minimum match quality and cater to players of all levels.

 jinta Fairtrade sports balls logo

The Jinta Sport brand has been created to not only offer consumers high quality, well-priced sports gear, but also to help create a positive change in the world.


Cosmetics, skin care and health 

Cosmetic and skin care products are a feature in the daily routine of millions of people throughout the world, but the stories of exploitation behind many of these products aren’t pretty. Fairtrade works with farmers to source ingredients such as shea butter, coconut, brazil nut oil and argan oil so you can look good without feeling bad.

Eco Logic 
  Eco  Logic 

Eco Logic is the first guest hair & body care range to be not only certified Fairtrade, but also to be packaged in a bottle made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.


Ice Cream 

Fairtrade doesn't certify cows or milk, but we do certify many of the other ingredients found in delicious ice creams. From nuts to chocolate and sugar, there’s no reason to feel guilty if your sweet treats are Fairtrade!

ben & jerry's icecream
  Ben & Jerry's

At Ben & Jerry's, they take fairness seriously. Whether it's how they treat their employees, give back to the community or dream up new flavors for their customers, fairness factors in all that they do. They support Fairtrade, because they want to make sure that their farmers get a fair deal too.




 Fair Spirits

Fair source the finest Fairtrade ingredients for their spirits, including organic quinoa from the 3000-metre high Altiplano plateau, organic sugar cane grown in the Belizean sun, organic Arabica coffee beans from Mexico and natural juniper berries from Uzbekistan.

Then, they carefully ship everything to the famous region of Cognac in France, where their Master Brewer & Distiller, Philip Laclie, with generations of French ‘savoir faire’, has perfected his techniques to make their incredible line of spirits.