Fashion Revolution Day calls Global brands to account

Fairtrade fashion revolution

Thousands of people across 68 countries will today challenge fashion brands to do better for the farmers and factory workers who make their clothing.

Two years ago, the Rana Plaza factory collapsed killing 1,133 people.

Today, International Fashion Day, is about changing that.

Everyone can join the movement by taking a selfie with the label of their clothing showing, sending it to the brand via social media asking #WhoMadeMyClothes, then sharing their reply.

Among Australian fashion brands, a new report finds Fairtrade fashion companies are in the lead. Half of the ten top-rated companies in Baptist World Aid Australia's Fashion Report 2015 offer Fairtrade cotton. Fairtrade brands Etiko and Audrey Blue are the only 'A+' ranked among 59 apparel companies supplying more than 200 clothing brands in Australia. Fairtrade labels 3 FishLiminal Apparel and Rrepp are also among the leaders.

In contrast, the report finds that 91 percent of clothing companies do not know where their cotton comes from, which means "there's no way for them to ensure that their workers are protected."

"This high recognition for Australia's Fairtrade fashion pioneers demonstrates what is possible for global fashion," says Molly Harriss Olson, CEO of Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand.

"Now we need many more people to wake up and ask 'Who made my clothes'? Unless companies and consumers are prepared to know where their clothes come from and pay the true cost, poverty and tragedies such as what happened at Rana Plaza will continue."

Join in the conversation on social media #WhoMadeMyClothes @Fash_Rev.