Where Fairtrade works

Fairtrade is always growing. From producer organisations to marketing departments, Fairtrade has a presence in more than 70 countries.

The Fairtrade system extends over six continents, with Fairtrade producer and national organisations working together to help more than 1.65 million farmers and producers across 75 countries.

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand is the national Fairtrade organisation driving the market for Fairtrade certified products in Australia and New Zealand, and providing support to smallholder producer organisations based in Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and the Pacific Islands to gain and maintain Fairtrade certification, to improve their organisations and businesses and to access global markets through the Fairtrade market.

Our interactive map below shows where we work and will assist you to find out more about Fairtrade organisations, Fairtrade Producer Networks, Fairtrade International and FLOCERT, the independent certification body of Fairtrade.

When it comes to making Fairtrade’s vision a reality, and driving impact for farmers and workers, each part has a special part to play:

  • National Fairtrade organisations build the market for Fairtrade products. Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand works with companies in our region which use Fairtrade certified products to support their work and build consumer awareness of where materials are sourced as well as what the production process looks like. Other markets include the UK, United States of America, Norway, Poland, Germany, and Canada, and new marketing organisations in India, Brazil, South Korea and Kenya. Click here for a full list of member countries.
  • Fairtrade Producer Networks - 
    Fairtrade Africa
    and the Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP) – are the networks that represent Fairtrade certified organisations (such as a cooperatives of small-scale farmers and workers' committees) in their respective regions. They also coordinate and manage producer support.
  • Fairtrade International, based in Germany, coordinates Fairtrade’s work across the globe and sets the international Fairtrade Standards and Minimum Prices. Fairtrade International develops and leads the global strategy and gives direction to the Fairtrade movement. Fairtrade International also consults across the Fairtrade system and the world to promote trade justice.
  • FLOCERT is the independent company that operates Fairtrade’s certification system. It checks that raw materials and products carrying the Fairtrade Mark comply with the Fairtrade Standards, and that producers receive the Fairtrade Premium and Fairtrade Minimum Price. FLOCERT’s auditors are usually located in the countries and regions where Fairtrade farmers and workers live. Highly qualified, they are familiar with local cultures, languages and legal systems. In most countries where National Fairtrade Organisations are based there are also FLOCERT auditors who check that companies which use the Fairtrade Mark are in compliance.